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Monday, July 20, 2009

Michael Jackson Tributes...

Love you forever my King of Pop and King of Peace
I will miss you so much Michael because you have blessed and entertained my heart and soul. I am so grateful that I had the chance to share your presence on this world. Thank goodness for technology, I can continue to experience joy as I watch you perform and talk about your life on youtube.com and TV. Watching you on TV really melted away a lot of everyday misery. You did make this world a better and friendlier place to live in.

When I received the sad news last month, I celebrated the fact that you were planning another Comeback tour on my birthday-June 23, 2009. I didn't expect you to pass on so soon two days later after watching your tour announcement on television. I was in front of my computer when I read the "Michael Jackson dies at 50" headline. I could not believe it. Then I thought about your children and your family. You were too young and full of life to be taken away so soon. Your children are so young. I could never imagine losing my mom or dad at such a young age. This didn't seem real. This was a devastating living nightmare that I couldn't escape from.

Since the day of your passing, I haven't stopped reading the news headlines and watching CNN Headline News as a way to check up on your family and the outcome of the investigation. I have to admit, I did experience denial after three days since hearing about your death. I came up with a ridiculous idea that this was just a publicity stunt because the tour was called, "This is It" and you had re-released your Thriller album. Maybe, he will be dressed up in a zombie outfit and re-appear..no this wasn't going to happen. I have cried and mourned in private everyday since hearing the bad news. I am not crying because I am a crazy fan/idol worshipper that needs to stop being selfish. No, I am crying because the world has lost a great human being that has given so much to everyone. You always honored a higher source for giving you this talent and you made people feel better. No matter how wacky the tabloid stories were about Michael, I would look at it and say, "Hey, there is Michael-he's alive and sharing his love with the world that is trying to knock him down for being a wonderful person".
As for memories...

I'll never forget watching you do the moonwalk dance in 1983. You moved so gracefully and funky as if you were floating on the dance floor. My dad immediately purchased me and my sister a silver colored dance glove and collector socks. I remember laughing as the both of us tried to do the moonwalk while watching you on tv. Watching your music video, "Thriller" was a lot of fun too! Your "We are the World" video also touched my heart.
Since the 80's, my family and I have continued to feel a connection to you and your music-including your brothers and sisters. In Martin Bashir's interview titled, "Living with Michael Jackson", you told Martin that you never wanted to buried-you wanted to live forever. I also remember hearing you say you wanted to stay at Neverland. I believe your spirit will continue to live forever-you cannot bury the spirit. If your family is able to do this with the new owner, I feel that Neverland would be an wonderful place to memorialize your body.

When Neverland was open, you would allow kids with illnesses to come there for free. I would like to visit Neverland too if it reopens. Maybe the current owner will allow a nonprofit to come in on a joint venture and accept donations for Neverland to reopen to the public? A recording studio could possibly be relocated there? Cancer patients would really appreciate it as well as war veterans and the general public. I know this is one possible dream of mine. If Neverland turned into a nonprofit venture maybe the public could still visit it? A donation jar could be left for visitors if they choose to pay a donation so children, war vets and fans can continue to visit Michael's wonderful park. Well, I am just throwing ideas out but it's just a thought.

As for your family, I hope they will find peace during this tough transition. Sorry to hear that your childhood was pretty tough. Your dad, Joseph, must have been driven to make sure that you would become the best pop artist in the world. He got what he asked for. I don't want to judge, but I think your dad was more upset at himself for not being the number #1 pop star with his own band. He might have been trying to live his life through you-could that be why he was so tough on you and your siblings? He had the perfect child and he knew you were gifted. Someone had to make it to the top and he wasn't going to be happy until this happened. I do hope that your dad will hug you when he crosses over one day and talk to you about this.

And Michael-Thank you for telling everyone in this world that we have to show more love and take better care of our children. I'll never forget your charming manner and warm smile. As for your face, you looked gorgeous all your life. I love all the faces of you Michael. I believe that the spirit does continue on after this short life and I do plan to see you perform again when I reach the other side one day. Even in death you have spiritually touched so many people and brought them closer together.
Thank you for visiting our veteran and children hospitals to bring a smile to their faces. Thank you for continuing to shine when facing trials from others who could never see your true loving nature. Thank you for telling us it is okay to live and create our dreams. Thank you for reminding us to smile when our heart is breaking. Thank you for showing us to be humble through your actions. Thank you for reminding us to never give up.

I love you Michael Jackson
the King of Pop
King of Peace

Article : Soul -Universal Squad-

Pictures : Photobucket


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