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Monday, April 27, 2009

B-boy: Break The Beat


The words 'Break Boy and Break Girl' originated from the Bronx of New York. In the early 70's Dj Kool Herc would play the 'breaks' of songs. Meaning, he would only play parts of the songs where it was beat only, no lyrics. This would excite the people to dance. So in turn girls and guys who danced to these 'breaks' were called 'Break Boy and Break Girl' or 'B-Boy; B-Girl' in short.
B-boying started with the James Brown's 1969 "Get on the Good Foot". When on stage James Brown would dance around with such energy and almost acrobatic moves, many people began mimicking his moves, so they called it the "Good Foot". The 'Good Foot' was mainly dancing around that involved drops or spins on the floor. Thus, the beginning evolution of breaking.
During the 1970's martial arts were also very popular, so B-Boys (for the most part) incorporated martial art stunts to 'wow' the crowds. And today b-boying has evolved into a highly demanding dance physically and mentally. With massive b-boy dance competitions being held around the world, such as BOTY (Battle of the Year) in Germany and the FreeStyle Sessions.

It is important to know that the term b-boy cannot be used for an emcee, DJ or rapper. Only breakers can be called b-boys.

Also b-boys do not like to be called "Break-dancers", as this was a term coined by the media in the 80's, and is not a 'true' hip-hop' phrase. Break-dancers are dancers who have no style and show their powermoves to get props from people who have no idea about breaking


In contrast to popular belief, the TRUE definition of a b-boy is not simply just a male breakdancer. The main difference between a breakdancer and a b-boy is that a breakdancer is one who uses the hip-hop art form known as breakdancing to get chicks and/or to show off to his friends that do not know shit about breakdancing or perhaps anything about hip-hop in general; in contrast, a b-boy is one who expresses himself through breakbeats (beats that b-boys can break to) using various combinations or sets of breakdance moves such as:
-downrock (e.g. 6 step)
-freezes (e.g. single hand baby-freeze)
-power (e.g. flares)
-airtracks (e.g. UFO)

A true b-boy will add his own style to these various sets. These sets are innovated by b-boys through rigorous dedication and practice during "session" or breakdance practice. Any set that is "taken" or "copied" from one b-boy by watching another b-boy/b-girl is called a "biter".

A real b-boy will break anytime, anywhere, and any day, when challenged or "called out" by another dancer or b-boy/b-girl in a "battle". In many cases, a b-boy will encounter a dancer or another "b-boy/b-girl" that is "straight up whack" or simply disrespectful, in which case a b-boy will wish to "serve his ass". But in many cases, a battle between a b-boy and another dancer or b-boy, will have both sides showin' much peace, love, respect and even props.

Simply put, a b-boy is one who encompasses the essence of hip-hop through "the dance" or "b-boying". Thus, most b-boys think that krumpers are just plain whack.


Term used describe a male breakdancer.
The term "B-boy" which was orignally "Bronx boy" originated in New york during the era and evolution of the hip hop culture. During the years the word has change into "Break Boy" or B-boy
which derives from the fact that the dancers dance to the "break" of a song.
A B-boy is a breakdancer who dances, to the break in a song, in a style using various gymnastic moves and body movements in an ability in which the human body may seem impossible to perform. Many B-boys tend to be recognized by their creative names, such as B-boy crazee.

Article by: SouL U.S
Picture by: Photobucket.com & Psycho U.S


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